Brand development for Wabi

Wabi was the first brand we get to do with Avanti! as a team. All the material was created by us, from photography to design.
Wabi is home goods company that sells from furniture to trendy floors. They were aiming to sell to mostly to young adults that were either marrying or living by themselves for the first time.

This a Brand I design for an Argentinian client working with Avanti!

A little about me

I'm an argentinian Illustrator & designer, 31 years old. I live in Buenos Aires. My Alma matter is the University for the Creative Arts where I studied a BA Hons on Design. I'm a cat mom, museum & art lover. I love games, I own several consoles and Im definitely obsessed with Animal Crossing. I love to create art for children books, magazines and novels as much as I love to create brands.