About Me

My name is Ayelen Lamas. I am a designeran illustratoran UX designera cat lovera traveler. I create eye-catching artwork for children’s stories and stunning graphics for companies in need. I have a flexible style when it comes to creating artwork. I love to explore as much as I love challenges. I believe love what you do makes a huge impact on the final result of your work.
I was given the possibility to start my career at a very young age by an Argentinian studio that saw potential in me. Something I will always be grateful for. Since then I have used every opportunity I was given to better myself and my work. I hope you enjoy this infographic journey through my working history.



Senior illustrator at Superside

I recently embarked on a space trip as a Senior Illustrator at Superside!


Graphic Designer at Avanti! Producciones

Avanti! It’s an interdisciplinary team thought for creating multimedia. It’s my first experience working in the multimedia field. We create video clips, film, and edit courses or webinars, web pages (as this one!), institutional videos, brands, and more!


LEGO Friends at Blue Ocean publisher

I work as a colorist for the LEGO® Friends comic published by Blue Ocean in Europe.


Monstubre campaign for Disney Channel Latino

I worked for Disney Channel making backgrounds for advertisements and a web-based game for their Halloween special month. This Campaign was an award winner!

2013- Now

Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Ciell is the personal brand I work under when working as a freelancer outside of the agency I work with. I work with European publishers as Panini, Holco, Blue Ocean, and Mac Millan.


Digital Colorist at Pulsar Estudio

Pulsar Estudio, closed today, was my first touch with the graphic media.
I worked as a full-time colorist and penciler/inker when needed.
We worked with American, European, and Australian publishers along with agencies.




Publication – ISBN: 978-1-941110-84-3
I was selected to be part of this book with my working trajectory as a female entrepreneur.

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Monstubre '16 Hallween Campaign for Disney Channel

Jun 2017 – PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2017

Gold Winner
Halloween – Generador de Monstruos

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I speak

Español (Native)



A little about me

I'm an argentinian Illustrator & designer, 31 years old. I live in Buenos Aires. My Alma matter is the University for the Creative Arts where I studied a BA Hons on Design. I'm a cat mom, museum & art lover. I love games, I own several consoles and Im definitely obsessed with Animal Crossing. I love to create art for children books, magazines and novels as much as I love to create brands.